For high school and college students and their parents who have not yet heard the word FAFSA or who are struggling with the form, provides education and assistance in the process of seeking federal financial aid to pay for college expenses. Complex and often intimidating, the lengthy Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) requires detailed asset and income information, with the slightest error possibly jeopardizing aid. At, the website of Student Financial Aid Services, Inc. (SFAS), the company offers two fee-based methods of assistance in filling out and filing the form: ExpressFAFSA™ and FAFSALive™. 

By 2008, filling out the FAFSA had become so complicated and time consuming, Margaret Spellings, the United States Secretary of Education, estimated up to eight million students did not even apply for federal aid. SFAS was founded in 1991 by a college financial aid professional who wearied of watching students and their families struggle over completing the form. SFAS established and developed programs to save students time and stress while producing the best possible results. ExpressFAFSA, available at, and the telephone-based FAFSALive include personalized application preparation and counseling as well as submission and follow-up services. 

SFAS employs a professional staff of nearly 300 that includes more than 250 Student Aid Advisors and FAFSA specialists who screen all applications through FAFSACheck™, the company’s proprietary, 450-point computer-based error detector. The advisors, who undergo a rigorous training program, speak Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, and a number of Asian languages. SFAS, a subsidiary of Rezolve Group, Inc., holds authorization through the Higher Education Opportunity Act, which recognizes the value of fee-based FAFSA preparers. For more information on FAFSA and the assistance the company provides, please visit

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Address: P.O. Box 1113, Sacramento, CA 95812, United States of America